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  1. We apologize for this long pause, but finally, it has been worth it, improved program. Download it again at www.reallivetransmission.com/download/ Thank you for your trust!
  2. REALIVET IS NOW OPEN! Thank you for your trust! sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. We regret the long suspension of the project these months ago, we will resume it throughout this month and next, thanks for your trust!
  4. Hello everyone, ReaLiveT has been suspended for several months, we apologize, we will resume the project shortly, thank you for your patience!
  5. working in that, thank you.
  6. yes, but regrettably, youtube no allows embedeed videos in external applications.
  7. In this version: Added: + Badges system. Fixed: + Some translates
  8. In this version: Added: + Advanced group finder. + Contact finder in the contact list. + Option to see group information in the memberships in the user profile. Fixed: + Error message that did not jump when it was no longer active in the group due to communication failure with the server. + Error in the channel manager. + Error that made the number of account openings on the same computer not work correctly. Improvements: + Some translations have been changed. + No more interruptions for updates on the server. + Server optimization.