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  1. Hello everyone who might be wondering what happened to RLT. Well, I don't know either. The servers stopped working months ago, and we didn't receive any news from the developers about it. If it was going to be fixed, or anything related to that. It looks like RLT is under a "permanent" maintenance. I, as the Community Manager, don't have any idea about what's going on, or what was decided above me. So, in the name of RLT, I'm coming to say sorry to everyone who is messaging me or posting topics asking about the situation here. I DON'T KNOW, and I just hope to receive some news, just like you guys. Sincerely, John.
  2. Group Chat should stay saved after we leave the group, never disappearing. So when you are out of the group and someone posts something there, when you enter the group you can see it.
  3. I would say, create a Right Mouse Button option when clicking on the chat, to disable temporarily this, and after, be able to turn it on again. This would be very useful
  4. Join the official Beta Testing Team and help us forge the future of ReaLiveT Help make the next releases of RLT our best yet. As a member of the Beta Testing Program, you can take part in shaping ReaLiveT software by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think. HOW TO GET INVOLVED: 1. First, get the app & create an account 2. Sign up here to be a tester! Introduce yourself below (your country, age, hobbies, etc) and tell us how did you hear about RLT! 3. Give us regular bug reports here. Also, if possible, we would love to receive some nice Feedbacks or Suggestions from you! Done! Now, stay tuned for updates. Once you're on the team, you'll receive future missions and testing challenges in your RLT account. Also, you will receive a beautiful and exclusive badge to feature on your account Join us today! Thanks for being part of our community. We're glad to have you with us! John 「RLT Community Manager」
  5. This is our new Forum - still in beta - but with lots of new features! If you have any suggestion, make sure to let us know by posting it >> here! << With love, - John