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  1. Manage own messages (Allows deleting / editing of own messages) is a great suggestion.
  2. It is necessary to implement a reporting system so that it is possible to report servers and people who are engaging in some illegal act in accordance with the rules of the program. This would help mitigate hackers and increase user safety.
  3. Add a box in this function to send a message in the invitation.
  4. Adding the functions to inform the friends in the contact list who is online, busy or away, would be good. I also suggest adding an option to add a new friend from the icon in friends list or optimizing the "search an user" function to also add, currently it is only possible to add if the user is in the same group.
  5. Inviting the contact list to the current group would be good function.
  6. I suggest that URL links become clickable in the chat.
  7. I suggest adding the embedding option for youtube videos in the ad.