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  2. Hello everyone who might be wondering what happened to RLT. Well, I don't know either. The servers stopped working months ago, and we didn't receive any news from the developers about it. If it was going to be fixed, or anything related to that. It looks like RLT is under a "permanent" maintenance. I, as the Community Manager, don't have any idea about what's going on, or what was decided above me. So, in the name of RLT, I'm coming to say sorry to everyone who is messaging me or posting topics asking about the situation here. I DON'T KNOW, and I just hope to receive some news, just like you guys. Sincerely, John.
  3. my love realivet ❤️

  4. aquí es el Mahzinho Designer, quería hacer una propuesta de emblema y level sobre el RLT, por ejemplo un emblema con el símbolo de Gaiscioch un equipo E-Sport muy famoso. Usted también podía añadir una corona como nivel máximo. Firmado: Mahzinho Design Team ID 10 Emblema : Levels : Los niveles están en orden
  5. Shutdown server really why ?
  6. UP Realivet No registred
  7. Boa sugestão!, Assim podemos melhorar cada vez mais!
  8. Manage own messages (Allows deleting / editing of own messages) is a great suggestion.
  9. It is necessary to implement a reporting system so that it is possible to report servers and people who are engaging in some illegal act in accordance with the rules of the program. This would help mitigate hackers and increase user safety.
  10. Your suggestion will be added to list Thanks!
  11. Your suggestion will be added to list Thanks!
  12. Add a box in this function to send a message in the invitation.
  13. Adding the functions to inform the friends in the contact list who is online, busy or away, would be good. I also suggest adding an option to add a new friend from the icon in friends list or optimizing the "search an user" function to also add, currently it is only possible to add if the user is in the same group.
  14. We didn't put this function for security reason but maybe in the future we put it again
  15. This function is already in the program
  16. It's good Idea but it kind hard to put it without hitting hard optimization
  17. soon the software will avaliable to android and iOS
  18. If you can upgrade to a Android or ios version of this Messenger, you will certainly make significant progress
  19. Please allow messages to be deleted in future updates
  20. Group Chat should stay saved after we leave the group, never disappearing. So when you are out of the group and someone posts something there, when you enter the group you can see it.
  21. working in that, thank you.
  22. yes, but regrettably, youtube no allows embedeed videos in external applications.
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